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Advantages of Paper Cone Cups

This kind of Paper Cone Cups is common in airports. Paper cups of this shape are not easy to put. Therefore, people at the airport can only hold the water cup until they finish drinking the water, and then they can throw away the cup. Unlike cylinder cups, people may often place the cup without drinking the water in the cup. This will undoubtedly cause waste. For this reason, the water cups at the airport are generally small cylindrical cups or such tapered paper cups.

Of course, in general, this design must be considered in terms of saving resources, but what are the specific advantages?

The first one is that because the Paper Cone Cups cannot stand upright, users will basically throw it directly into the trash can after using the water cup, thereby reducing the phenomenon of random throwing.

The second is to save water. For cylinders and conical paper cups of the same height and size, the volume of the conical paper cup is only 1/3 of the cylinder. This is why some airports use very small cylinder cups, because a cup is only a mouthful.

The third reason is that making a Paper Cone Cups will save paper, while a cylindrical paper cup requires two pieces of paper and uses more materials. There will be more scraps than cylindrical cups.
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