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Why are paper cups cone shaped?


Rolled Rim Cone Paper Cups are designed in a conical shape for many reasons.

First of all, the tapered design makes the paper cup more stable when holding liquid and less likely to tip over, especially when the liquid temperature is high. This design ensures that users can enjoy drinks with peace of mind.

Secondly, the opening of the cone-shaped paper cup is larger, which is convenient for consumers to drink, especially in fast consumption occasions, such as coffee shops or fast food restaurants. This design can improve consumers' drinking efficiency.

In addition, the rolled edge design of Rolled Rim Cone Paper Cups not only enhances the structural strength of the cup, but also provides a good grip, allowing consumers to hold the paper cup easily and comfortably.

Therefore, the tapered design is not only beautiful and practical, but also fully considers consumers' usage habits and comfort.

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